Overflow Evolution Layout

There is no "wet" board anymore like all other traditional overflow pools equipped with standard overflow having a visual edge, so you can barely see where the water goes. It is finished with a stainless steel edge. This state-of-the-art customized pool is manufactured of minimum 10 mm thickness and equipped with all stainless steel cubic and recessed built-in parts. To ensure a minimal annual running cost the technological unit and structure is equipped with the eco technology representing a maximal beauty and comfort. This ultimate mirror pool is proudly presented as one of the latest design innovations by NIVEKO.

Eco Stream
An efficient pool operating option, where the combination of structural and technical solutions and solar slat covers, assists to the reduction of running costs of up to 50 %. The principle consists of automatic stopping of the flowing over when the cover is closed or the pool is not used for swimming. Cooling and evaporating is minimalised. In terms of filtration technology, the EcoStream function is ensured by the installation of an automatic 3-way valve in combination with a PLC unit.