Neviko Exclusive Range

Overflow Endless

The NIVEKO customized Endless pool is ideal for terrains with differences in height. The water flows over the stone-finished edge at the endless side and gives the swimmer an impression of having a "never-ending" view over the surrounding area. Thanks to this "fall'; the skimming of the water surface is shining and brilliant. All steps can be finished with natural stones. A range of different pool beaches and architectural designed steps are all exclusive to the NIVEKO Endless pool system.

Overflow Advance

A few years ago NIVEKO proudly presented the first and still the only mirror pool with an overflow stone fixed to a reinforced concrete ring beam. It can sustain all severe weather conditions. The overflow channel can be equipped as well with a top quality stainless steel cover. Combination of stainless steel with a high quality standard represents an outstanding choice for everyone who prefers strong and robust materials.

Overflow Whisper

This innovation is based on the overflow ADVANCE type where the design inside of the overflow channel has an unique shape. The result is the first absolutely silent overflow in the European pool market. It is an absolute reference for private pools where any disturbing water noise is not allowed. Thanks to the new engineered gutter the glued overflow stones have only width of 12,5 cm. Ceramic stone gives this pool an extra modern high-end design impression. This eco-pool with solar slats saves up to 50 % of running costs in comparison with traditional swimming pools for energy, water and chemicals. All the pools, manufactured of minimum 1 O mm thickness, are customized and equipped with recessed stainless steel built-in parts.

Overflow Evolution

There is no "wet" board anymore like all other traditional overflow pools equipped with standard overflow having a visual edge, so you can barely see where the water goes. It is finished with a stainless steel edge. This state-of-the-art customized pool is manufactured of minimum 10 mm thickness and equipped with all stainless steel cubic and recessed built-in parts. To ensure a minimal annual running cost the technological unit and structure is equipped with the eco technology representing a maximal beauty and comfort. This ultimate mirror pool is proudly presented as one of the latest design innovations by NIVEKO.

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